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STBA is dedicated to promote public awareness of the Sealyham Terriers

STBA club holds 2 Shows a year were the breed is on show, Championship and Open

There another 2 breed clubs for the Sealyham Terrier in the UK

All are welcome to become a members of STBA. Please download a membership form and return to the Club Secretary.  Form can be found on the "Membership" page

STBA helps to promotes the Sealyham Terrier breed at events such as Discover Dogs at Crufts and London Excel plus other events promoting responsible dog ownership.

This site is here to help you find out about the breed, where you can go and see them in action and even own one

Sealyham sitting
Sealyham terrier running

STBA tumbler glasses designed to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the club in 2018

Visit the gallery to see STBA 90th Birthday Celebrations


Schedule Available to Download
Schedule Available to Download
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